We are highly experienced in and offer EPCM Services for all kinds of Industries.

EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) is a professional service in which the procurement structure is more like a typical construction management approach but with the vital difference that the detailed engineering and design function is carried out by us.

We will be responsible for:

(a) design (this includes producing the basic engineering/FEED and developing the detailed design);

(b) procurement of necessary materials and equipment;

(c) management and administration of the construction contracts.

An important difference between the EPCM and EPC form of service is that in the EPCM model, the contractor is providing professional services (including design) and is not a principal (i.e. is not a party to a contract in respect of the construction of the project).

The EPCM contractor acts as the Owner’s agent and creates (on behalf of the Owner) direct contractual relationships between the Owner and the suppliers and trade contractors.